Praise for Bartholomew Roberts\’ Faith:

\”… You have to get this book, no question about it!\”

– Zachary

Can one be a pirate and a man of God at the same time?

Bartholomew Roberts has been a pirate for six months, and in the back of his mind that question lingers waiting to be answered. \”Can pirates, privateers, and everyone in between be good men?\” Roberts lost his faith when he saw others who claimed to be religious Christians profiting from sin, and has since brought his own brand of justice upon them.

However, Roberts\’ stance has caused a division within his crew, and some aim to depose him as captain. With enemies on all sides Roberts needs to find his answer quickly lest he find himself at the bottom of Davey Jones\’ Locker.

Will Roberts find his answer in time, and will he stay a pirate or leave the life behind him? See where Roberts\’ trials take him in his short stories full of faith, action, and adventure set during the Golden Age of Piracy.