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Read the latest adventure in The Pirate Priest series!

⚓ Roberts will need more than courage to stay alive. ⚓

After a brief encounter with an unfortunate French ship, Bartholomew and crew head to Trepassey, Newfoundland, on word of riches and ships of plenty waiting for them. There, Roberts encounters something he had never thought he would see in his lifetime, nor did he expect to ever see it again.

Now stuck in the harbour, Roberts must bide his time before they can leave, and he has more on his mind than the booty. His thoughts turn to the bold man who showed him courage so long ago, the one who, in his death, tasked him with his new name and spirit of vengeance.

Can the crew stall long enough to finish their job and make it out alive? Will Bartholomew live up to his namesake, or will he fall short?

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Get the newest saga of Blackbeard and Bartholomew in one book!

⚓ Faced with dire consequences, two pirates wage war against their rivals and themselves. 

Buy the third and fourth books in both The Voyages of Queen Anne’s Revenge and The Pirate Priest series’ for a discounted price.

In The Voyages of Queen Anne’s Revenge: Drowning in anger. Old wounds reopened. Blackbeard’s crew reaches their limit.

“Tell Blackbeard I’m coming for him.” Edward went too far in his obsession for freedom and caught the attention of a man not to be trifled with.

Calico Jack, the so-called pirate King of the Caribbean, ignites a fire that threatens to burn Blackbeard’s crew to ashes. And the most sparks come from within their own ranks. Can the fledgling pirates trust those closest to them?

Betrayal comes in threes, turnabout is fair play, and the King of the Caribbean knows just the right cards to play. But Calico Jack isn’t the only pirate Edward should be afraid of…

Can Edward keep his crew, ship, and allies together long enough to face an old enemy and survive in the process?

In The Pirate Priest: The sea doesn’t forget, and it doesn’t forgive. That is for man and man alone.

Bartholomew Roberts’ is hot on the trail of his rival who betrayed him, Walter Kennedy. Walter allied himself with new pirates itching for blood on the high seas, and they won’t go down without a fight. But Roberts and crew have allies too, and the rookie pirate Blackbeard joins them in the hunt for their former crewmate.

The crew of the Fortune had been chasing after Walter for so long that Roberts’ didn’t even think about what they would do once they caught him. Their shared history, and his convictions, threaten to tear Roberts, and his allies, apart.

Will Roberts and Blackbeard make it in time, or will their marks escape once more by the skin of their teeth? If they do catch Kennedy, what will Roberts do to him, and will he be able to live with the decision?

See these two fledglings become true pirates in this compilation book, Blackbeard’s Blood!

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