Blackbeard’s Ship: 4 Historical Fantasy Pirate Adventures in One Book

⚓ When two men are faced with a choice, they choose to be pirates! 

Buy the first two books in both The Voyages of Queen Anne’s Revenge and The Pirate Priest series’ for a discounted box set price.

In The Voyages of Queen Anne’s Revenge: A crack of black powder. A wave of malice washes over. One mistake changes him forever.

Edward thought he struck a bargain when he bought a warship on the cheap, but after a storm and chance delivered him into the British Navy with black flag sailing, he couldn’t look back.

On the run, Edward and his best friend Henry Morgan find themselves trapped in a life of piracy where there’s no honour among thieves on the high seas. To keep his freedom and uncover the other secrets left behind on his new pirate ship, Edward must face off against the Navy and pirates alike. He just has to learn how to fire a musket first.

What depths will the fledgling pirates go to to keep their freedom and lives?

In The Pirate Priest: To protect his friend, one man risks it all by becoming a pirate.

In an age of pirates who are slaves to no man, John Roberts is torn between a world of just and righteous men and evil sinners around every corner. John makes an unlikely friend named Bartholomew aboard a slave ship, and when pirates claim them as their prize, he becomes one of them to keep him safe.

But not all is as it seems aboard the pirate ship, just as not all who claim to be men of God are good. Will Roberts become a sinner or stay a saint on a ship full of so-called liars and thieves?

Will Edward and Bartholomew embrace the lives thrust upon him, or will they sink into oblivion? Find out in this compilation book, Blackbeard’s Ship!

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