\”Loved it from the first page to the last!\” – Shelly


Justice, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. And justice can be a beautiful thing when handed out fairly, or terrifying in the wrong hands.

Edward Thatch made a powerful enemy, one who won\’t forgive, and will not forget his transgressions. Edward may call himself a pirate, and use the name Blackbeard on the high seas, but he doesn\’t know the true terrors that await him on the horizon.

Calico Jack struck a blow against Edward and his crew, one that will wound them for a long time to come.

But Blackbeard\’s crew wants revenge, and they too will not forgive Calico Jack for what he\’s done. Little does Blackbeard know that there\’s another foe in his path, one whom he\’s met before.

How will Blackbeard face his weakness and overcome the enemies in his way? How will his crew and friends feel about his version of justice?

Find out what happens to Edward in Blackbeard\’s Justice, and follow his fantasy adventure full of pirates, privateers, and everything in between in The Voyages of Queen Anne\’s Revenge!