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Before he was Blackbeard, Edward Thatch just wanted to be a fisherman like his father. Little did he know that the first ship he bought was a former pirate vessel. After the authorities threaten to take his Freedom away, Edward takes matters into his own hands, and escapes from the law on the high seas. Will Edward embrace the piracy that was thrust upon him, or will he crash and sink into oblivion? Find out in Blackbeard\’s Freedom and Blackbeard\’s Revenge!

Bartholomew Roberts considers himself a good man, and believes that God is just, but his faith is shaken from what he sees working on a slave ship. After pirates attack and free the slaves, Roberts joins them to find an answer to his ultimate question: Is God just, or must man take justice into his own hands? Will Roberts stay a saint or become a sinner? Find out in Bartholomew Roberts\’ Faith and Bartholomew Roberts\’ Justice!